Solutions Exceeding Expectations


Tektel Company History

Tektel is a recognized leader in delivering complete communications solutions that enhance the human experience, ignite and empower global commerce, and secure and protect the world’s most critical information. Our next-generation solutions, for businesses of any size or vertical market, span access and core networks, support multimedia and business-critical applications, and help eliminate today’s barriers to efficiency, speed and performance by simplifying networks and connecting people with information. 

In the beginning there was Central Kentucky Telecommunications (CKT), a company formed by a young communications pioneer named Alex Angeline in the year 1989.  CKT needed a partner in the telecommunications industry and ultimately chose Comdial and its brand of communications products.  It was a huge undertaking, but within the course of its first year of business CKT held a contract to support Comdial systems in every state government office in Kentucky, and held a contract to support the Information Technology (IT) needs of every Rite-Aid in the Tennessee and Ohio Valley areas. 

Business was booming, and CKT began to take on more and more customers, eventually becoming the sole contractor to Kentucky Finance Company’s offices in the eastern United States.  As a direct result of this booming success, CKT has remained self-sustaining, meaning that CKT has never operated on borrowed money, and has never been indebted to any bank, which still remains true to this day.  Business was becoming so good (increasing 15% annually) that Central Kentucky Telecommunications was out growing its own name.  CKT was outperforming competitors on a national level, and in 1998 became the leading Comdial Partner in the United States, receiving an award from Comdial in the process.  Under Mr. Angeline’s leadership, CKT was taking on a national image, servicing customers in states other than its native Kentucky.  In an effort to grow with his business, Alex Angeline sat down with CKT’s Board of Directors and chose the d.b.a. name Tektel to represent the company nationally. 

CKT continued its unparalleled service to customers, even after Comdial dissolved and stopped selling its products, but Mr. Angeline would have to form another partnership to keep CKT alive.  It was then, in 2002, that Alex Angeline came to the CKT Board of Directors with a plan to remedy the void left by Comdial, and after a rousing meeting the Board unanimously accepted his proposal by choosing Nortel Networks as its new vendor.  Nortel welcomed CKT with open arms, and in little to no time CKT had achieved accreditation on Norstar and Business Communications Manager products.  Nortel product accreditation requires that annual commitments be met, and CKT met the challenge head on, exceeding minimums every year.   

Partnering with Nortel allowed CKT to expand its offerings, and its core philosophies about the way it conducted business.  The market was becoming saturated with IT start-up companies, and CKT needed something to distance itself from its competitors: Solutions.  Too many companies were selling products and services, but not CKT, not anymore.  In 2005, CKT swapped its corporate name with its d.b.a. name, Tektel, eventually registering the name as a trademark in 2007.  The new corporate name heralded in a new corporate creed: “Solutions Exceeding Expectations”, and from this point forward, Tektel would sell solutions.  Tektel solutions are made up of several products and services, professionally engineered by highly trained industry professionals.  This concept allowed customers to invest in a single solution, with a single budget, which would ultimately grow their businesses beyond the initial investment, becoming profitable to the customer over a short period of time.  Tektel saw great success in selling solutions, so much so that larger customers were requiring larger, enterprise class communication systems.  Enterprise PBX and voicemail systems require more Nortel accreditation goals be met, and at the rate Tektel was gaining customers it didn’t have long to achieve those goals.  In only ninety days Tektel surpassed every accreditation requirement for Nortel’s Meridian, Communications Server 1000, and CallPilot products, and are proud to be offering those products to customers as components of Tektel’s end-to-end solution. 

Tektel is now respected as a technological leader in the region, and has grown its business to an active customer base of nearly 5,000 clients, encompassing just about every state in the continental U.S.  In just the past two years, Tektel has become authorized to sell its end-to-end solutions to the U.S. Government by means of the General Services Administration (GSA), a federal entity that the United States uses to procure products and services for government agencies, including the Department of Defense.  Tektel also makes every effort to employ leading industry professionals, hiring the U.S. Internet Crime Task Force’s National Director of Network Security, Jason Saunders, as the Vice President of Enterprise Network Solutions and Greg Vaughn, a telecommunications expert with 26 years of experience, as the Vice President of Enterprise Voice Solutions.  Tektel has also expanded its technological reach by forming partnerships with other industry leaders including Microsoft, Intel, Symantec, and IBM.  Such partnerships have empowered Tektel to provide solutions to customers with stringent requirements.  Customers like Congressman Ron Lewis (Kentucky), Landmark  Communications (owner of The Weather Channel), and Allen Lund (a national logistics company) have all benefited greatly from immense capital savings and more efficient business productivity, all gained from technological solutions implemented by Tektel. 

Tektel continues to break new ground each day in advancing the business efficiency of its customers, and aims to add more to its solutions portfolio with new technology such as WiMax, RFID, and unified messaging emerging as the future of communications.    These solutions have enabled Tektel to position itself in the Cincinnati market, where Tektel aims to open its next operations support center in 2008. Tektel is committed to its customers, and to the solutions it provides, and welcomes you and your business to explore what so many others have experienced from Tektel: Solutions Exceeding Expectations.