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Solutions are a rare find in today's technological marketplace.  Too many companies are selling simple products and services, and those products and services only encompass a small piece of a total "end-to-end" solution.  Solutions, especially those engineered by Tektel, are designed to identify and solve efficiency concerns and profitability challenges for businesses of every shape and size. At Tektel, our goal is to provide customers with a single end-to-end solution that exceeds customer expectations while retaining the cost effective principles that set Tektel solutions apart from products and services delivered by our competitors.

Tektel is a Kentucky-based Information Technology (IT) solutions provider founded in 1989. Our solutions include telecommunications, enterprise networking, digital mobility, bandwidth management systems, structured cabling, web hosting, server co-location, and disaster recovery.

We are in a unique position to provide these solutions all under one name:
  • converged telecommunications and data networking
  • fault tolerant, always online storage for remote recovery and backup
  • systems monitoring and maintenance 24 hours a day
  • enterprise-class server design and optimization
  • secure hosting, and email with spam and virus protection
  • structured cabling, certified by industry leading test equipment
  • wireless solutions for complete digital mobility