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Bandwidth Management

Infrastructure Solutions by Tektel

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By taking advantage of bandwidth solutions from Tektel, your business can make more effective use of one of its most important resources, bandwidth. Bandwidth is a measurement of throughput, or the rate of speed by which data passes between your private business network and the worldwide public Internet. By optimizing your bandwidth your business can more efficiently use technology such as VoIP and WiFi cleanly, and without negative impact to users.

How Does It Work?
Bandwidth management takes place at several levels, but most effectively on infrastructure devices like switches and routers.  Routers and switches are the devices that reside at the core of your business network.  Coupled with the proper cabling, and attached to servers and communications equipment, these devices pass all of the information between equipment on your network.  If any particular device emits a flood of data, the resulting lag may limit access to critical data by creating a bottleneck in the network. By optimizing your network infrastructure you reduce the number of bottlenecks on your network, making bandwidth readily available when it is needed.

Manage your infrastructure from anywhere
Tektel solutions are very flexible, and can be customized to fit the needs of your business.  Following the principles of digital mobility, Tektel solutions allow for your devices to be managed securely from any location with a connection to the Internet.  If you experience problems with a device in the early hours of the morning, an administrator can be trained to initiate a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection and manage the device without the need to even drive to the office.  By making the network more accessible to your administrators you reduce response times and bridge gaps brought on by outages.