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Hosting & Co-location

Hosting & Co-location Environment

Our Facility
Our servers and core infrastructure devices are located in a state-of-the-art operation center with:

  • video surveillance, security breach alarms, recorded key card access and 24-hour professional intrusion monitoring

  • climate control (multiple, redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply systems), advanced fire suppression, raised floor, and certified electrical layout

  • firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, with active "honey pots"

  • multiple redundant high speed internet connections, physically diverse routing, separate data and power line routing and remote administration for power and servers

  • physically diverse AC power subsystems installed by professional certified electrician

Safeguards & Backups
  • four hour response from manufacturers for hardware failures

  • system administrator dispatched on machine failure 24 hours a day

  • warm backup multiple times a day

  • off-site tape or remote data transmission backup performed daily

  • second off-site tape or remote data transmission backup performed weekly