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Our message filtering and virus protection solutions eliminate spam and infected email messages before they ever get to you.  You can even whitelist the mail you want to let through automatically and blacklist addresses you never want to see again. No more wading through a million messages just to read the one item of mail you want.


Server-Side Filtering: we eliminate the spam and viruses before they get to our servers so they never get to your network or e-mail inbox

Automatic Updates: the filters are updated daily to eliminate known spam and viruses as they spread across the Internet

Message Filter Sensitivity Controls: you can adjust your filtering level to allow more or less spam through

Whitelisting: configure the filter to allow all e-mail from specific addresses through

Blacklisting: configure the filter not to allow e-mail from specific addresses through

Ensure Legitimate E-Mail Is Getting Through: you can login to your mail server to check your spam folders and mailboxes at anytime

Use Any E-Mail Client: use Outlook, Lotus, Incredimail - any email client you'd like

Quick Start: Tektel can have your solution prepared in 24 hours

Affordable: e-mail hosting starts at less than $20 per month for up to 20 email accounts (one domain)