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Computers and technology, in general, are found in almost every facet of today's business world.  Each device provides more processing power than its predecessor, requires less power to operate, and brings about new methods and concepts that allow people to conduct business more efficiently.  However, most devices don't install themselves, nor are they programmed to configure themselves based on your unique requirements.  Most of the time people are the bridge between business and technology, and it is up to that person or group to make sure that the technology that is in place is always running smoothly.  The problem is, most people simply invest in technology and install it without first performing an in-depth analysis of the technology they already have.  It's a great way to identify where bottlenecks, security holes, and potential failure points are. 

When conducting analysis we help businesses in all phases of technology, from process analysis, equipment design and performance, development, testing, production deployment, to ongoing support and maintenance. We focus our efforts on meeting your individual business goals, and have the tools, professional staff, and expertise to provide you with a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Professional Expertise
Tektel engineers have developed secure, customized infrastructure solutions for thousands of customers in virtually every industry. Some examples of our past, present, and future projects include:

  • A securely connected, multi-site communications system for a Congressman
  • A HIPPA compliant solution for sharing medical information between doctors
  • An international Fax over IP (FoIP) solution for a German magnetics company
  • A complete upgrade to gigabit networking for a large news media company
  • A very robust metropolitan wireless network sponsored entirely by advertising