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Just about 95% of all business-class network devices require a copper or fiber optic backbone to transmit data.  If that backbone isn't properly installed or taken care of, information loss may occur.  Whether the loss occurs immediately after the cables have been installed, or whether it happens years after, no business owner should have to experience the headache of dealing with such a problem.  That's why Tektel technicians are professionally trained by the best in the business to install network and communications cabling of all types according to building codes and industry-standard regulations.  Each time a Tektel technician installs a cable for a customer, that cable is tested for operational effectiveness, ensuring that it meets or exceeds specifications.  This process is carried out using specialized equipment that can certify a cable's integrity, even to the point where a technician will know if there are breaks in the line, or if there are any part of the cable that may not effectively pass data.

Which types of cable do Tektel technicians install?

Cable Type

Bandwidth Throughput
Category 3 16 MHz 10 Mbit/s
Category 5 100 MHz 100 Mbit/s
Category 5 Enhanced 100 MHz 100 Mbit/s
Category 6 250 MHz 1 Gbit/s
Category 6 Augmented 500 MHz 10 Gbit/s
Category 7 600 MHz 100 Gbit/s
Multi-Mode Fiber Optics N/A Up to 10 Gbit/s
Single-Mode Fiber Optics
N/A Up to 10 Gbit/s