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Wireless Solutions

Infrastructure Solutions by Tektel

Wireless Features In Detail

Accessibility & Security
  • Create wireless VLANs or a DMZ for visitor or guest Internet access

  • Never worry about where to "plug in"

  • Great for conference rooms or waiting areas

  • Mobile users can travel between offices using the same authentication information at each site

  • WiMax can allow for entire cities or campuses to become hotspots

  • Secure data using the latest security protocols and encryption algorithms

  • Access Points are tracked and secured so that rogue devices are easily detected and disconnected

Asset Tracking & Personnel Management
  • With the latest in RFID technology you can track personnel or inventory in real-time on the Wireless LAN

  • Track shipments, expedite inventory changes, locate what you need, when you need it all at the push of a button

  • Track logistical routes and plan more efficient methods of transportation

Enterprise Voice Applications
  • Make more efficient use of handheld devices with WiFi

  • Use Pocket-PC or Palm devices as a wireless phone to make calls or to send and receive e-mail messages

  • Communicate away from your desk with a wireless VoIP handset or softphone

  • Calls to WiFi enable VoIP phones are handed off seamlessly from access point to access point without experiencing information loss

Data Centric Applications
  • Users can bring one computer everywhere without the need to reconfigure their laptops for network access

  • Wireless technologies allow for better collaboration between employees that meet frequently, especially in conference room environments

  • Wireless infrastructure can be setup for maximum fault tolerance and performance so that information always reaches its destination using the fastest, most secure method of delivery