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Working Without Wires

There hundreds of reasons to go wireless, but making the right decisions on hardware and implementation can be tricky for some.  Tektel specializes in wireless design and installation, meaning that our years of experience in the field are only a phone call away.  Tektel engineers can allow your employees the ability to move seamlessly around the workplace, eliminating the need for unnecessary wires and cords.  The very concept changes the way people work, bringing the workspace to the employee, without the employee having to go to a particular office or network outlet to get access to information.


  • greater mobility options allow for more efficient employee collaboration

  • wireless access is industry standard and can be used by any compliant device

  • wireless range can be as great as a few miles with WiMax and as little as a few meters with WiFi

  • wireless solutions support Quality of Service for optimal traffic prioritization

  • can be incorporated with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for excellent asset tracking and logistics planning

  • wireless solutions are secured and protected with the latest security protocols and encryption methods