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A Phone System Built For Your Business

VOIP - Voice Over IP System For Your Company

Easy communication is one of the most essential parts of a successful business.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology is now standard. But there are so many options out there for telecommunication systems—which one do you choose?

TekTel can help you identify and install the best phone system for your business, making it easier for employees and customers to communicate.

The 3CX Phone System

Voice Over IP With 3cx Partner Tektel

The 3CX phone system is the leader in VoIP technology. It’s what we use at TekTel, and it’s what we recommend to all of our clients. It does everything you want your telecommunications system to do, and it’s easy to use. 3CX is simply the best.

Take Your Phone Anywhere

Take Your Phone

You don’t have to sit at your desk waiting for a call. Now your office extension can be forwarded to anywhere: your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Employees won’t have to give out their personal cell-phone numbers, and you won’t have to pay for business cell phones. It’s a win for everyone.

Customized Sales Support

Customized Sales

If you do require any new hardware to go with your VoIP system, our team will help you identify the best products for your business and purchase only what you need. With our industry connections, we can find the best deals and pass the savings on to you.

Easy VoIP Phone System Installation And Management

Easy VOIP Phone System Installation And Management

3CX is set up to work with Windows, so installation is a piece of cake. It works with many types of phone, so you won’t have to purchase and configure new equipment. It has open standards and works with IP phones, VoIP gateways, and SIP trunks. And everything is controlled centrally from the 3CX management platform.

Save Money With Reduced Business Phone Costs

Save Money With Reduced Business Phone Costs

Is your existing telecommunications system costing you an arm and a leg? You can save money by switching to VoIP.

You’ll get free calls to remote extensions, so you don’t need so many fixed lines. And adding or removing extensions is free. Installation is easy and often works with your existing technology.

10 Advantages Of VoIP Phone System From TekTel

  1. Set up and manage VoIP easily
  2. Purchase and expand with minimal expense
  3. Receive calls anywhere with extension forwarding
  4. Utilize existing IT infrastructure and server hardware
  5. Save money on your phone bill
  6. Enjoy easy video conferencing with WebRTC
  7. Improve your customer service with improved hold system
  8. Integrate VoIP with CRM and accounting software
  9. Keep your existing phones
  10. Automate the click to call feature on your website

Other VOIP Partnerships

    Looking to supercharge your 3cx PBX? Contact us to learn more about how VOIP Tools, 3CX, and Tektel can improve the company bottom line.