Cloud Voice – Unbound Communication

Communicate Everywhere With Cloud Voice

There are many older, premise based phone systems that suffer in quality due to configuration, internet issues, etc. This technology has evolved to offer so many more options. This follows the trend of many services like Office 365 where you’re less likely to be chained to one computer, one desk, one phone.

  1. Unified Communications – Beyond the standard desk phone there are many new ways to communicate between locations, staff, and employees on the go. Newer systems allow for a wide array of options from smart apps for Iphone, Android, OS Apps, and even website based where an agent can log in and make/take phone calls. You can have any sort of mobile employees and still dial their extension to reach them. It’s possible to have an incoming call ring to a desk phone, smart phone app, website, and cell phone simultaneously. Home offices, satellite office are absolutely no issue with Cloud Voice. The amount of practical applications are almost limitless.
  2. Internet based phone server – Your old phone server has moved offsite and into the cloud, hosted by state-of-the-art data centers provided by tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Even if your internet DOES go down – callers can leverage Unified Communication to still make/take phone calls from anywhere. Your IVR will still answer incoming calls. Your telecommunications will keep on ringing. There is less equipment to worry about with power outages, interruptions, etc. The days of waiting for a technician to repair your system are numbered since these systems are proactively monitored and maintained. This results in less headaches for employees and technicians alike.