PC Monitoring Remote Management

Why Consider Remote Monitoring & Management For Your IT Systems?

If your company hasn’t subscribed to a PC monitoring remote management service what do you do when a computer problem slows down your team? You are waiting for a technician to arrive and you hope they do a good job. This is an increasingly rare occurrence with the modern tools available to employees and technicians.

  • PC Monitoring Remote Management – This provides technicians with crucial, up to date information about your computer. Hard drive issue? There is a strong chance a technician has been notified. Virus infection? The tech is aware. Remote monitoring allows for a proactive technician to be on top of an issue before it turns into a disaster. This goes the same with your internet connection, printers, switches, and other equipment. There is a tool for technicians to monitor the health of about every system you have.
  • Remote Support – If there is an issue it should be simple to have a technician remote in and work with employees via phone, chat, email to fix issues efficiently. Remote support has been a cornerstone of effective IT Support for a long time. We seek out the best tools to provide a steam lined experience for staff and technicians.
  • Remote Management – Automated patching for Windows updates and third party programs. With the constant amount of vulnerabilities and attacks these patches are crucial to keep your systems healthy. This is another essential tool for technicians to keep your systems up to date and prepared for the latest cyberthreats.
  • Emergency Triage – On top of being proactive, we know that sometimes things just break without warning or notice. All Tektel staff keep customer service at the forefront of their minds and if something does happen you will have all the resources you need. If there is a critical business failure then we treat it the same as our own failure. We work quickly to triage the issue, get it stable, then step back to assess what happened. Our goal is to keep the issue from happening again so we will research and implement quality solutions for the issue.