Offsite Data Backup

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Benefits Of Offsite Data Backup

We use SolarWinds, a leading data-security provider, to back up and restore your important data. This user-friendly program is easy to install, monitor, and maintain.

Your critical data will be kept safe offsite, so if something happens at your location, you’ll have easy access to a secure backup.

Offsite Data Backup

offsite data backup

We all know the importance of backing up data, but many people still leave their data vulnerable by not having an offsite backup system. If your company’s backup is onsite, you’re running the risk that the backup could be damaged in the event of a data disaster.

Moving your backup-recovery system offsite, or adding a redundant offsite backup system, will help keep your data safe in the event of a physical event like vandalism, fire, flood, or natural disaster.

Creating an offsite backup doesn’t mean sacrificing a speedy recovery. We can customize your data recovery plan with additional onsite and cloud options, and we can set up a virtual standby machine that will take over in the event of system failure.

Offsite Data Backup Security

offsite backup

Data security is a major concern for modern businesses. SolarWinds uses AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption to keep your offsite data safe.

You’ll also enjoy the security that comes with having your backup in a remote location. If anything should happen to your hardware, you can rest assured that your data is safe.